The Labyrinth and the Old Coach House St Martin by Looe Cornwall Tel: 01503 262671 The Labyrinth and the Old Coach St Martin by Looe Cornwall Tel: 01503 262671
The Labyrinth and Old Coach House St Martin by Looe Cornwall Tel: 01503 262671
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Our Labyrinth is situated in a spectacular location on the hillsides surrounding Looe Bay, with breathtaking sea and coastal views.

It was originally created to enhance the challenging Coast Path walk between Looe and Seaton, with free entry any time, any day. But the path that runs past the labyrinth has now been officially closed, due to landslips further eastwards (ie between the labyrinth and the small Cornish village of Seaton, a couple of miles away).

The labyrinth in itself has changed a lot since we first made it. At the top, you can see how it started, smartly picked out in white granite gravel - and now, on the right, how nature has taken back what people created.

So now, instead of the pathway being so neatly defined there's a grassy furrow in the ground. (This fits well with the wildness of Cornwall - here nature here runs rampant, as you'll see from the steep flower-strewn banks of our tiny lanes.)

But the path is still clear to follow, and the appeal of the labyrinth is timeless.

Above: aerial photograph of the Labyrinth and shoreline by kind permission of hang-glider
Alan Hughes

The Labyrinth in April 2014, by kind permission of Adam Glasser

If you want to visit the labyrinth and don't want to go past the 'Path Closed' sign at Bodigga Cliff (see Location page) you can do one (or both!) of these two things:  come to an event here. Or - even better - come and stay in our Old Coach House (read on!).
  • Dogs welcome on leads; there may be farm animals and/or wild animals around.
  • Free entry, donation towards upkeep very welcome - or a bit of tidying up, e.g. a bit of weeding, or putting some of the scattered gravel back into the pathway, would be much appreciated!

Living Lightly at The Labyrinth ... if you want spend some time here, with the chance to visit the labyrinth as often as you like and at any time of day or night, come and stay in our old stone coach house that we've converted into off-grid accommodation for up to 8 adults (or a bevy of kids).

I've recently been given the rarely awarded HLS status by Defra. This award - the Higher Level of Environmental Stewardship - will help me maximise biodiversity and encourage wildlife to flourish, and so leave the land in considerably better heart than I found it. Come and see what I and my colleagues are doing, bit by bit, to realise my dream!

The coach house is very private, and has wonderful views over the curving coastline and the island. If you're walking the Coast Path, we're halfway between Plymouth and Fowey - a serious day's walk from each. If you're on wheels, waterborne, or airborne, you'll be equally welcome. Interested? Click on the Accommodation page. 

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The Labyrinth and Old Coach House, St Martin by Looe, Cornwall   Tel: 01503 262671
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